Kimiko Yanagisawa




Hello! My name is Kimiko  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ You have found my page which makes me so happy ✧✧✧ Here you will find essays surrounding topics that fill my mind, a link to my poetry based instagram and a few pictures of my art. My dream is to speak with a vitality that can move our world towards a more peaceful and truthful state.This website, these pieces, are in many ways an avenue for me to realize that dream.   Additionally, I have created these pieces as a means to release feelings that at times overwhelm me. To peel back the layers of Kimiko with the hope that in doing so I may transform myself into the small I, the total self. In this state of self realization may I be able to transform myself into anything, anyone, for any world. “Deconstruct, construct. She becomes a nahual, able to transform herself into a tree, a coyote, into another person. She learns to trasnform the small “I” into the total self.”